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Financial Aid and Money Management

Tips For Student Loans

Tips for Student Loan Borrowing

  • Apply for scholarships often. Get as much free money as you can!
  • Only borrow what you need. Loans must be repaid.
  • Keep a copy of your student loan documents for your records.
  • Pay accruing interest on student loans each quarter to avoid increased balances.
  • If you are having difficulties making payments, contact your student loan servicer immediately. Defaulting on federal student loans can easily be avoided.

Student loans are often used to help students fund educational expenses such as tuition, books, room and board. You should borrow as conservatively as you can to fund your education. Student loan repayment typically begins shortly after a student is not enrolled or after a student's enrollment drops to less than half-time. Paying your student loan debt in a timely manner is very important. Failure to pay on time or to make the appropriate arrangements for payment could result in a variety of consequences such as wage garnishment, tax liens and adverse credit. If you are ever in a position in which making regular on-time payments is a challenge, you should contact your federal student loan servicer for deferment and/or forbearance options. You can view your comprehensive student loan history and get servicer information at

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