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Entrepreneurial Resource Center

Welcome to the Entrepreneurial Resources InfoGuide

Welcome! Here you will find information and resources that will connect you to the entrepreneurial programs and activities that are sponsored through the Mary Karl College for Workforce and Continuing Education at Daytona State College. You can navigate this guide by using the tabs on the left hand side of the screen.

The Entrepreneurial Resource Center (ERC) supports all members of the Daytona State College community who have an interest in entrepreneurial career pathways and mindset development. The ERC is located in Building 140, Room 102. Inside, you will have access to entrepreneurial resources (physical and virtual). Technology is available to facilitate online interactive training, mentoring, and research. The ERC offers a space for small groups to meet for the purposes of advancing entrepreneurial initiatives. This is a space that can be reserved in advance.

  • Call us (386) 506-4420
  • Access via the online chat

So students, how can you use the Entrepreneurial Resource Center? 

  • To meet entrepreneurs 
  • To plan entrepreneurial initiatives 
  • To receive guidance relative to entrepreneurial interests and business development needs 
  • To access a tremendous collection of resources related to personal empowerment, mindset development, and starting and running a business
  • To work with other students and/or mentors to discuss ideas and steps to entrepreneurial action
  • To learn about the Falcon Talk event and opportunities to train as an event speaker.
  • To learn about DSC’s Entrepreneurial Mindset Opportunity (EMO) Initiative.

For faculty, the Entrepreneurial Resource Center offers:

  • Access to entrepreneurial references and resources to use in instructional settings 
  • Opportunities for professional development and certification training 
  • Access to the speaker bureau to schedule entrepreneurial speakers for classes 
  • Guided options to learn about the DSC’s Entrepreneurial Mindset Opportunity (EMO) Initiative