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“A lot of school teaching of entrepreneurship is very outdated. These lessons strike the core of what modern entrepreneurship is. What feels new to me is the divergent way of thinking. Problem solving and the ability to generate creative ideas is essential to any entrepreneur. Opportunistic Adaptation excites me because this is the process every entrepreneur needs to follow in order to be successful.”

- Steven Wease, Digital and Interactive Media, Production Program, Spring 2022

Good day to you Ms. Rand 🙂❤️

Hoping you are doing well, I think of you often and give thanks for all your help and support to me, I really appreciate you. I thank you for getting me in the S-STAR scholars' program with the recommendation you provided me with. I'm now in my second (2nd) year of college at DSC, I'm so thankful and grateful for this journey. I have registered my business venture GRAINSMultimeda, and have bought my domain, I'm now in the process of creating my website. I have tons to do before the business will start to operate, but I know with continued baby steps it will happen. Please keep me in mind, for any workshops you are conducting I would love to participate. I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know how much I appreciate you.

Best Regards,