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Finding Reliable Information

Why Use a Library?

Why use a library?  The two main reasons are quality control and professional help. 

  • Access to Diverse & Quality Resources: The DSC library provides access to a wide range of resources such as books, academic journals, databases, and archives that may not be freely available online. This gives you access to authoritative and comprehensive materials that can strengthen your research.
  • Expertise of Librarians: The librarians in the DSC library are skilled at navigating information resources. They can assist you in finding relevant sources, refining your research topic, and using specialized databases effectively. Their expertise can save you time and improve the quality of your research.
  • Physical Collections: While digital resources are the most prevalent, the DSC library also collects books, manuscripts, and other technologies relevant to your studies.
  • Dedicated Study Environment: DSC library offers a dedicated space for studying and research, providing a (mostly) quiet and focused environment conducive to scholarly work. This can be especially beneficial when you need to concentrate deeply on your research.
  • Access to Academic Services: Located right next to the Academic Support Center and Writing Center, the library is truly there for your every academic need. These resources can further support your research process and academic development.
  • Copyright Compliance: Using DSC library resources ensures that you are complying with copyright laws when accessing and using academic materials. Libraries often have licenses that allow students to access copyrighted materials legally.
  • Enhanced Learning Experience: Engaging with the DSC library encourages critical thinking and independent learning. The process of navigating through various resources and evaluating their credibility can enhance your overall learning experience.

So if you want the quickest and most efficient way to find reliable information, use your library!

Using the Library's Resources

Using the Library's Resources video tutorial icon

View the slides below for a refresher on how to use the Library's website!

Why Use Library Databases?

If you're curious about why you should use a library over a generic search engine, check out this video from the University of Michigan:

Using Library Databases

Not so sure where to start with the databases? Check out Dr. David S. Murphy's video on utilizing college library databases!