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Finding Reliable Information

Welcome to the Finding Reliable Information InfoGuide

According to Google's CEO, Eric Schmidt, we create as much information every two days as we did from the dawn of civilization until 2003. You would imagine that with this vast ocean of information available, it would be easy to find reliable, high-quality information. 

Unfortunately, just the opposite is true. As traditional sources of reliable information (such as print encyclopedias and objective news media) have taken a back seat to user-created content like Wikipedia and blogs, it has become more difficult to separate the facts from the fluff and the fraud. So where can you turn for help? 

Libraries are a great place to start!

There you will find reliable information in many formats, from traditional print sources to the latest online databases, and librarians who have been specifically trained to help you find what you need and evaluate what you find. 

This guide contains several excellent tools that have been developed by librarians, teachers, and other information professionals to help you navigate the sometimes rough and tumble ocean of information. 

And remember, you can always contact your librarians for help!

The Vast Sea of Information

As a college student, you find yourself adrift in a vast sea of information. The waves crash against your academic vessel, and the winds of curiosity propel you forward. But beware! Not all currents lead to the shores of truth.

The Siren Call of Google

Ah, Google—the modern-day oracle. With a mere keystroke, you summon a tempest of search results. But heed this warning: Google is like a mercurial muse. It whispers sweet promises of instant answers, yet its depths conceal both pearls of wisdom and treacherous shipwrecks. 

The Enigma of Wikipedia

Behold, the enigma wrapped in hyperlinks: Wikipedia. A digital labyrinth where anyone can contribute, shaping knowledge like clay. But tread carefully, dear scholar! For every nugget of truth, there lies a mischievous troll or an overzealous editor. 

The Ancient Scrolls and Dusty Tomes

In the hallowed halls of libraries, ancient scrolls and dusty tomes await your touch. Their pages bear the weight of centuries, and their ink whispers secrets. But beware the cryptic passages! Some texts are like riddles—leading you astray or revealing hidden truths.

The Oracle of Peer-Reviewed Journals

Enter the temple of peer-reviewed journals—a sanctuary guarded by scholars and scrutinized by experts. Here, knowledge undergoes rigorous trials. Each article, a phoenix rising from the ashes of skepticism. But choose wisely, for not all journals are equal. Some harbor impostors in scholarly robes.

The Many Paths to Destiny

Brave adventurer, as you embark on the enchanting journey of research, you will encounter a myriad of choices—decisions that will shape your path through the mystical realms of knowledge. Let this InfoGuide be your sacred compass, assisting you as you unveil the most reliable truths hidden within the ethereal depths of this world.