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Finding Reliable Information

Why Use a Library?

Why use a library?  The two main reasons are quality control and professional help. 

Quality Control - While the idea of a library may seem old fashioned to some, in fact they are usually the pioneers in providing access to new kinds of information.  While today's libraries still have substantial print collections, those collections are just the tip of the iceberg.  The virtual resources available through even the smallest libraries are huge.  These resources have also been specifically selected by librarians because they are high quality and reliable.  And while these resources are often very expensive, libraries provide you access to them free of charge.

Professional Help - Think of librarians as your personal information consultants.  They can not only help you find the best resources available in their libraries, but can help you find and evaluate resources from external sources like the Internet.  You can usually stop by, call, e-mail, text, or even chat online with librarians.  This help is also free of charge.

So if you want the quickest and most efficient way to find reliable information, use your library!

Library quote from Neil Gaiman.