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Online Communication

This guide is designed to provide students with guidance on the proper forms and protocols for communicating online both in college and professionally

Getting Help via Chat

Often the most efficient way to get help online is to use an organization's live chat service.  Everyone from your cell phone provider to your bank is now using chat to help answer your questions and solve your problems.  Daytona State College also has a number of departments that provide live chat support including:

But to get the most out of chat support, there are a few simple rules you should follow:

  • Have a specific question.  Chat support works best when you have a specific question you need answered.  For example: "How many hours is the the certificate program for Nursing Assistant?" instead of "What degree should I get?"  For broader questions a phone call, email, or appointment may be more appropriate.
  • Use complete sentences.  The more clearly and completely you can state your question, the quicker you can get an answer.  Using "textlish" or too many emojis can make it difficult to figure out your question.
  • Be patient.  If the person helping you does not know the answer right off the top of their head, it may take them a few minutes to find an answer for you.  If they ask for a few minutes, give them a few minutes before you start "pinging" them.  
  • Don't leave a chat open if you are finished.  If you are finished, thank the person helping you and close the chat.
  • Be polite.  Always.
  • Do give feedback.  If there is a survey or other way to provide feedback at the end of chat and you have time, please do.  Feedback helps chat services improve.
  • Look for a transcript.  There is often a transcript of the chat available for you to download or have emailed to yourself.  This is very handy if you've had a long chat where lots of information was provided or as a way to provide documentation of agreements that a customer service representative may have made.