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Course Types & Terms

When can I take courses?

Fall & Spring Semester

Full Term Courses

Full Semester Courses are 15 weeks in length and are offered during Fall (August to December) and Spring (January to May) semesters.  

A or B Term Courses

These accelerated courses provide full immersion in 1-3 subjects (up to 9 credit hours per A or B term), though, due to the concentrated nature of the course, course workload will be double those of full semester-length sections. 

Summer Semester

Did you know that if you qualified for Financial Aid during Fall and Spring, you can also receive financial aid for your Summer semester? Speak with our Financial Aid office for more details.

Full Term Courses

Full-term courses in the Summer (May - August) are 10 weeks, which makes them a little shorter than the Fall or Spring semester. 

A or B Term Courses

Summer A and B term courses are 6 weeks long and are even more intensive than Fall/Spring A/B courses.

Surviving An Accelerated Class

Enrollment Services FAQs