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Course Types & Terms



Face-to-face lecture and live online

The HyFlex model is a new course offering for students, which allows the students to engage with their instructor in a face-to-face lecture course half of the week and attend live online the other half of the week.

  • This is defined as a Hybrid class modality.
  • Half of the students attend class in the face-to-face classroom once weekly and then attend the class in a live online virtual meeting space once weekly.
  • Allows for flexibility in the instructional delivery while keeping students and the instructor safe by limiting the number of people in a face-to-face classroom setting.


"Asynchronous" is when a student and instructor are not meeting at the same time.

Faculty Using HyFlex Toolkits

HyFlex Class Note

When you enroll in a HyFlex course, below is the information you'll see in the Class Notes:

This is a HyFlex course. Students will attend class on campus one day a week and log in and participate in the class on the day and time indicated in either the Falcon Online Virtual Classroom or Microsoft Teams the other day of the week. For additional information about this course type visit Faculty will inform students which day they should attend on campus at the start of the semester. A computer with high-speed internet access, webcam, and microphone is required. Course access is available at