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Criminal Justice

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Call # Subject
HV6001-7220.5 Criminology
HV7431 Prevention of crime
HV7551-8280.7 Police
HV8301-9920.7 Prisons and corrections

How to Renew Your Books Online

You can keep your books checked out for two weeks, and renew them once.  To renew online:

  1. Go to the DSC Library Homepage
  2. Click on "Account  "
  3. Log in with your student ID and your PIN (last four digits of your Social Security #) if necessary. 
  4. Click on "View Loans/Renewals" in the upper right corner of the page.
  5. You will see a list of your loaned books. Click "Renew" at the left of each book you want to renew.
  6. This will NOT WORK on the day the book is due. You'll have to come in to renew in that case.


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Search for electronic books.


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