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About College Wide Committees

College Wide Committees 2021-22

Academic Advising Council Dr. Alycia Ehlert & Dr. Michelle Goldys Faculty, staff, and administration A collaborative, ongoing, college-wide effort to develop innovative approaches to Advising.
Academic Calendar Committee Dr. Erik D'Aquino & Carri Hudgins Faculty, staff, and administration Develops the annual Academic Calendar.
Academic Excellence Symposium Committee Dr. John Brady & Sarah Desormeaux Faculty, staff, and administration Designs and coordinates the annual Academic Excellence Symposium 
Academic Standards Committee Dr. Yohani Kayinamura Faculty, staff, and administration Reviews academic program requirements and standards for admission.
Academic Support Advisory Committee Dr. Kristen Strickhouser, Dr. Elizabeth Barnes, Dana Davidson, Brian Smith, & Dustin Weeks Faculty, staff, and administration Makes recommendations for improving services and operation of the Academic Support Center & Writing Center.
Administrative Appeals Committee Enaris Inman Faculty, staff, and administration Allows students to provide proof for the College to consider exceptions to Drop, Withdrawal, Attempts, etc. policies.
College Connections Jayanti Seiler & Misty Carlson  Faculty Conducts community outreach activities for K-12 and adult ed. students including College Experience Day, Ed Pass, Visit DSC! etc.
Critical Incident Management Team Louie Mercer & Garald Meyer Faculty, staff, and administration Makes recommendations for improving emergency management.
Cultural Diversity Committee Juleen Daley Faculty, staff, and administration Enhance educator and staff knowledge of the role cultural diversity plays in students' lives.
Curriculum Committee Emily Moore & John Weiss Faculty Makes recommendations for new programs, major program revisions, new courses, major course revisions, Gen Ed requirements, etc.
e-Mentors Committee Dr. Cheryl Kohen Faculty Mentors faculty in using educational technology, designing quality online courses, and serves as liaison between faculty and IT.
EXCITE Dr. Cheryl Kohen Faculty, staff, and administration Recommends new ways to use technology in the academic process.
General Education Dr. Alycia Ehlert Faculty Evaluates and approves courses for the AA degree and evaluates general education policies.
Health & Safety Louie Mercer & Joe Heilman Faculty, staff, and administration Promotes health and safety awareness of students, faculty and staff, and ensures that health and safety issues are reported.
Health Care Committee  Brian Babb & Robin Barr Faculty, staff, and administration Reviews and recommends health care options to include insurance coverage for medical, dental, vision, life, and LTD for FT employees.
Identity Theft Management Team Paul Barnett & Paul Wheeler Staff and administration Makes recommendations to reduce risk of identity theft and data loss.
Institutional Review Board (IRB) Dr. Pearl Galano Faculty  Ensures that human subjects are protected, risk is minimized, and informed consent is obtained from all research subjects.
Professional Development Steering  Dr. Elizabeth Barnes & Dr. John Brady Faculty, staff, and administration  Plans, prioritizes, evaluates, and makes recommendations for professional development. 
Retention Committee Dr. Erik D'Aquino & Dr. Amy Locklear Faculty, staff, and administration  Improves institutional outcomes on key performance indicators related to student retention. 
Service-Learning Committee  Dr. Donald May & Susan Wheeler Faculty, staff, and administration Provides guidance and resources needed to incorporate service learning concepts and practices into their curriculum.
Study Abroad Program Committee  Dr. Christopher Whitaker & Vincent Piazza  Faculty, staff, and administration Reviews and approves study abroad programs and recommends policies to support student travel. 
Technology Advisory Board Dr. Amy Locklear & Roberto Lombardo Faculty, staff, and administration  Makes recommendations addressing college wide technology issues. 
Website Advisory Board Chris Thomes & Kathryn Fulco Faculty, staff, and administration Ensures DSC qualities are projected and upheld throughout the website. 
Planning Council and Planning Council Subcommittees
Planning Council Dr. John Brady & Dr. Shana Deyo Faculty, staff, and administration Provides oversight and guidance for planning, assessment and evaluation activities and makes recommendations for resource allocations.
Academic Success Dr. Bahman Motlagh & Anindya Paul Faculty, staff, and administration Reviews course, program, and institutional level assessment reports submitted by academic programs.
Administrative Unit Review Kathy Hoellen & Dr. Tristen Davison Faculty, staff, and administration Evaluates administrative units on productivity, staffing, and cost over a 3-year period.
Falcon Ideas Bill Harrison & April Brunning Faculty, staff, and administration Provides proactive support and recognition for the development of innovative ideas from the college.
Institutional Success Dr. Kristen Strickhouser, Dr. Elizabeth Barnes & Jessica Lipsey Faculty, staff, and administration Assesses the planning efficacy of non-academic planning units.
Instructional Program Review Dr. Rawi Naranong & Anindya Paul Faculty, staff, and administration Evaluates academic programs on 3-year trends in enrollment, completion, placement, etc.
Teaching and Learning Vincent Piazza & Peter Waidelich Faculty, staff, and administration Reviews and recommends policies, procedures, and programs to support student learning and academics.