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Office 365

Office 365 and Falcon Online

Most (but not all) educational institutions and businesses are PC and Microsoft Office based. It is important to understand how to save files in a readable format for co-workers and/or instructors. By using common, accepted software such as programs in the Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Power Point and Excel), you reduce the risk of sharing or submitting files that cannot be opened by your intended recipients. Some sites do not accept alternative formats.

If you choose not to download Microsoft Office on your device (or do not have a device to load it to), you will want to learn how to access the Microsoft Office programs via your FalconMail email account (online). That way, whether you are on-campus at a computer lab, at your friend’s house or using a Mac or Chromebook or other device that doesn’t use Microsoft Office as a default, you always have access to it (including 1TB of One Drive cloud storage for your files, again accessible anytime, anywhere with internet access).

This short video explains how to use Office 365 to submit assignments to Falcon Online.