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Microsoft 365

File Sharing Basics

Using o365 to share files with groups (similar to Google docs)

Using Office 365 to collaborate on documents and presentations is extremely helpful when you are working with a team or a group. Instead of using Google Docs, which requires a Google account, use your existing access to Office 365 via FalconMail to share files and work on common projects.


More information on file sharing

As a part of your Office365 account, you have cloud storage on your One Drive and you have the ability to share files from your One Drive with others. You access your Office365 account through your FalconMail, so in any of the reference materials when it asks about your account or setting up your account, realize that you already have one and you use your FalconMail Email address to access it.

Check out the resources below to learn more about how to use these various tools.