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Hocus Pocus! Head on over to The Faculty Innovation Center for our Haunted Halloween H5P Smart Import Workshop!

by Lisa Lute on 2023-09-18T11:34:31-04:00 | 0 Comments

Halloween Candy

H5P Smart Import Workshop

Register now! Help us haunt the Faculty Innovation Center's Computer Learning lab on Wednesday, October 25 at noon for our H5P Halloween party! This month we will be showing you how to use the Smart Import feature of H5P. We'll show you H5P tricks and make sure you have some Halloween treats! Join us in costume if you wish. Be prepared to partake in some party games! First, we'll learn some things about Halloween, and then you'll see Smart import in action.

What is H5P? 

H5P is a plugin that allows you to create rich, interactive HTML5 content for your Falcon Online course shell, increasing learner engagement with your subject matter.

What is the new Smart Import tool? 

The new Smart Import tool in H5P will automatically generate H5P components based on content you upload such as a file, a YouTube video or website link, or text you paste in. It performs best with content that is structured, factual, informative, and contains explicit knowledge such as acts, ideas, topics, principles, and concepts.

Why use Smart Import? 

 It is ideal for creating assessments that evaluate a person's ability to recognize and recall specific information, key concepts, and theories.

 It allows you to create content 3 times faster.

 It makes it easier to get started with H5P.

 It provides ideas and inspiration for what questions to ask and how H5P content types may be used.

Additional resources for you 

DSC H5P InfoGuide

Smart Import Step by Step Tutorial

Smart Import Introduction and Video Tutorial

Lisa Lute
Instructional Designer, Division of Online Studies | 386-506-4277
Online Studies | Faculty Innovation Center (FIC)

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