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Student Online Readiness

Technical Resources and Skills You Will Need

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In order to be successful taking an online course, you need to have access to the Internet and be comfortable using a computer. Online courses are not the place to learn how to use a computer! The college offers classes and workshops on the basics of using computers but you need to have these resources and skills before you begin an online course. These resources and skills include:

You'll need access to a reliable computer and stable Internet connection.

As an online student, you should have a backup plan in case you encounter technology problems with your primary computer. Computer and/or internet problems on the student's end do not usually transfer to an assignment extension.

You'll need technical problem-solving skills.

Online faculty are experts in their subject areas – not technology experts. As an online student, you may need to solve technology problems on your own or be comfortable in contacting the Help Desk if a problem occurs. Technical assistance may not be available 24 hours a day.

Problems will need to be handled methodically and rationally.

As an online student, you should attempt to troubleshoot problems prior to contacting your instructor and/or the Help Desk. Did you check your browser? Are you looking in the correct location for a file? Did you check the start and end dates for a particular assignment? Are there tutorials or 'How To' files available?

Basic Internet and computer skills are required.

As an online student, you should be able to: upload, download, name and properly save files; use word processing, spreadsheet, and/or presentation software; download and install software; use a web browser, navigate and search the Internet; and send an email, including an attachment. You should also be comfortable navigating and using the tools in Falcon Online. Your instructor will let you know what is required for a specific course.