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Institutional Effectiveness

About Assessment

Assessment at DSC is the regular and consistent review of academic and non-academic outcomes at the institutional, program, course, and unit levels. It is a formative, cyclical process.

Academic departments identify and establish outcomes for each program and course to assess the extent to which students are learning and attaining competencies. Faculty use the Bloom's taxonomy as guide for identifying and writing learning outcomes.

Bloom's Taxonomy graph

Expected outcomes are assessed at all levels (institutional, program and course) using multiple sources of data generated by multiple methods of analysis (direct assessment, comparative assessment, and students' perception). 

Assessment Cycles: DSC faculty assess and analyze course, program, and institutional learning outcomes once a year.  The results of assessment reports are reviewed during annual Assessment Days.

Assessment Days (Website)

  1. Provide an opportunity for faculty from each academic program to engage in a facilitated annual review and discussion of academic program data and
  2. Generate intentional strategies and measurable targets for improving learning at the course and program levels.