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What Is Netiquette?

Netiquette is, quite simply, a set of good behaviors for communicating on the Internet. Living in the 21st century, all of us write online all the time. From emails for work to personal blogs, social media posts to comments on videos and news stories, it is always important we keep in mind the rules of proper netiquette; however, it is perhaps especially important to follow these rules when writing academically. As a college student, you will do all kinds of online writing for all kinds of audiences: your instructors, your peers, your academic advisors and coaches, members of the public, administrators, and more. Regardless of who you're communicating with, always treat others with respect. How you present yourself online is sometimes the only way people will get to know you, and you always want to put your best self forward.

When it comes to professional correspondence, such as applying for jobs or responding to an email from your boss, it is also important to follow proper netiquette. It can be a challenge when you try to communicate professionally online because the impression you make is solely based on the words and tone you use. Nevertheless, in the digital age, we are required to communicate through email with our instructors and/or employers. It is good to keep in mind that our tone and use of words will vary according to our audience.