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New Interactive Content Tool in Falcon Online

by Bill Harrison on 2020-07-02T08:47:23-04:00 | 0 Comments

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Create, Share and Reuse Interactive HTML5 Content in Your Course

I am pleased to announce the availability of the H5P tool integration within Falcon Online. H5P is a forms based tool used to create interactive HTML5 content. There is no requirement for knowing how to code or write HTML, just complete a form to create a component. These include

Visit the H5P examples page to see all the components available. 

The Falcon Online integration allows you to create these components from within your course shell and any items that include an assessment will import the grade to the gradebook. We have a limited number of author licenses for this tool. To see how this tool works visit the free H5P web site and create an account. This will allow you to go through the process of creating the different components. If you create something you would like to use in your course, it can be downloaded and then uploaded into the Falcon Online H5P integration. IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT embed any component into your course from this site. 

Due to the limited licenses, not every course has access to the H5P integration. If after reviewing the free H5P web site, you are interested in using this tool in your course, please complete this H5P request form. You will be contacted with instructions on how to use the tool within your shell.

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