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Seed Library

The DSC Library is expanding into seeds at the DeLand campus.

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Welcome to the Seed Library InfoGuide

Seed Library

The aim of the Daytona State Library’s Seed Library, located at the DeLand Campus, is to open the opportunities of gardening to all students, staff, faculty, and local community. We aim to help those from beginners to experts with seeds, information, and access to people in the area with many years of gardening experience. We try our best to ensure the quality of our seeds, with careful notes and labels. However, seeds are alive, and both experienced and inexperienced gardeners use the library. There is always a chance you may receive seeds that were not properly labeled or have low germination rates.

How to Use the Seed Library:

  1. Select the seeds you want from the Library and enter your choices into the tracking log.
  2. Put seeds in envelope and fill out the specific plant information on front of envelope for your records. Take 2-3 seeds for every plant you intend to grow this season.
  3. Note any requests on the tracking log
  4. When returning/donating seeds, place seeds in Seed Return Box with a completed return/donation slip.

Campus Gardeners

Here is Judy Van Horn, lead groundskeeper, and Ines Harris, grounds horticulturist, they oversee the design, scope and maintenance of over 98.5 acres of green space on the college’s seven sites. Their supervisor, Jimmy Lane, says he relies completely on their expertise and devotion to the job.