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Fun Feedback During Your Live Presentations? H5P Can Do That Too!

by Christopher Smith on 2021-10-11T09:13:30-04:00 | Comments

You may be familiar with some of H5P's asynchronous offerings such as Question Set and Interactive Video, and you may even be using these options within your online courses. But did you know that you can spice up your synchronous sessions using this same software? It's true, thanks to some additional features they've recently added.

Many MS Teams meetings, particularly those involving large groups, lack an interactive component. Because of this, many presenters are left wondering Am I getting through to any of them? while those in attendance wish they could be more involved. New offerings available in DSC's H5P package allow you to avoid this problem quickly and easily. These include Emoji Cloud, Word Cloud, and Multipoll.

Emoji Cloud

In Emoji Cloud, the author defines a question and a set of emojis the users may choose from, and the user answers by choosing one of the provided emojis. The presenter view shows the responses in real time as they come in, either as an emoji cloud or as a list of responses showing the number of occurrences per response (Joubel, 2021). 

emoticon question screen

emotion cloud response screen

emotion cloud results screen

Word Cloud 

Word Cloud has two response modes. Either users type in their responses, or users are presented with a list of possible responses to choose from. The presenter view can show the responses in real time as they come in, either as a word cloud or as a list of responses showing the number of occurrences per response (Joubel, 2021).

word cloud question screen

word cloud response screen

word cloud results screen


You can use Multipoll to facilitate polls or debates in the virtual or physical classroom. Multipoll shows results in real-time on the presenter's screen and may also show the results in real-time on every participant's screen. Multipoll supports several different question types including Word Cloud, Emoji Cloud, Multiple Choice, and Image Hotspots. It also supports several informational resources including images, videos, and texts. Multipolls have background music and authors may customize all colors. The results of the polls may also be downloaded by the presenter as CSV files (Joubel, 2021).

multipoll question screen

multipoll questions and submit button

multipoll responses screen

multipoll results screen

Sharing Your H5P Content

To make these, or any other H5P item you create, shareable to your attendees: select Public from the Publish menu at the bottom of your H5P edit screen, then copy and paste the link into your meeting chat.

H5P Edit screen, Publish submenu, public selected

Additional Information

You can watch a video on these tools for more information...

or try one out for yourself. Here’s an example in Multipoll: H5P Distance Education Multipoll (links to external site)

Of course, all these tools can be used in your face-to-face classroom as well, provided your students have a mobile device or laptop that can access the content.

To get started using H5P, simply use this form to request H5P. You can even  schedule an appointment with me for personal assistance, either virtually, or live at our renovated space on the Second Floor of Building 200 (Daytona Beach Campus).

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Joubel. (2021). June 2021 release.

Joubel. (2021). Live engagement tools [video file].

Smith, N. (2021). Multipoll.

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Christopher Smith
Instructional Designer, Division of Online Studies | 386-506-4277
Online Studies | Faculty Innovation Center (FIC)

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