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Falcon Online Update - Instructor Profile Widget

by Bill Harrison on 2019-12-14T15:21:00-05:00 | Comments

Beginning Dec. 14, 2019, the default course home page in Falcon Online will include a new Instructor Profile widget. This widget will allow instructors to include some brief information about themselves, including a photo. In this post, I will cover how to edit the content of this widget.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This only effects the default course home page. If you are using a custom home page and wish to use this widget, you will need to add it to the homepage or make the default home page the active home page for your course. Contact the Faculty Innovation Center for assistance.

When you first visit your course home page, this is how the widget will look. First, select the button with the three dots in the upper right corner of the widget.

Instructor Profiel widget default view.

Next, select the "Edit" button as in the next screenshot.

Default instructor profile widget with the edit button

Once you select the edit button, you will have access to all the editable content within the widget as seen in this screenshot.

Instructor profile widget showing all the editable areas

Let's look at each editable item:

  1. The Heading Text shows at the top of the widget in the colored area. The default text is "Instructor Profile." You can use a maximum of 32 characters in this field.
  2. Next, the "Display Name" is where you put your own name. This field is also limited to 32 characters.
  3. Next, use the little paint bucket icon to change the green color in the upper area of the widget. This will open the color picker as in the following screenshot. We recommend using the code #0079C2. This is the color that matches the navbar at the top of the page in Falcon Online. Once you enter this code in the indicated field, select the enter key on your keyboard and the then select the close button to close the color picker.
    Instructor Profile color picker.
  4. Select the little cloud icon to choose a photo of yourself to upload. The system will adjust the size as required. Once the image displays in the circular area, you can click and hold on the image to drag it side-to-side to adjust the display. An adjustment bar will also display below the image allowing you to zoom in or out on the image.
  5. The trash can icon allows you to delete a previously uploaded photo.
  6. You can also edit the heading and text for the main text area. The heading is limited to 32 characters, and the body is limited to 240 characters. IMPORTANT NOTE: These fields are text only. You cannot insert images or links, and the formatting is controlled by the system.
  7. You can also insert the URL link information for a Facebook page and/or Twitter account you wish to share with your class. This will cause a Facebook and Twitter icon to display at the bottom of the widget. Note that this is optional and if you have no Facebook or Twitter information you wish to share, you can leave these fields blank and nothing will be displayed in the widget.
  8. Once you have made all your desired changes, remember to select the "Save" button in the colored area at the top of the widget. IMPORTANT NOTE: If your changes don't seem to take effect after selecting the "Save" button, clear the web browser cache.

It is very important that you update this widget content prior to the start of classes. If you are using a "Master" shell for your courses, you can update this widget in that course shell, and it will copy over into your other shell when you copy other content. 

Contact the Faculty Innovation Center at 386.506.3485 or if you have any questions.

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Bill Harrison
Senior Instructional Technologist/Instructional Designer | 386.506.4306


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