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Men of Character Initiative

Upcoming Events
We look forward to you joining us for our next event!

Programming and Events

MOCI offers opportunities for personal and academic development, as well as cultural enrichment year round. Some of our pillar events include:


MOCI Meet & Greet

MOCI kicks off the start of every semester with our Meet & Greet! Over food, beverages, and games, MOCI students are able to fellowship with each other and their MOCI mentors in a relaxed and fun setting. We discuss some of our personal and group goals for the year and decide how we will choose to continuously impact Daytona State College.

Study Halls

Finals are a busy time of year and carving out time to study is a task within itself, not to mention finding a quiet spot on campus! Every year around finals time, MOCI reserve a large study room in for our students to focus in on their academics and prepare to end the semester on a high note.

Barbershop Talks

Ranging from how to interact with law enforcement and how to build and maintain healthy relationships, to career exploration and marketing ourselves on social media platforms, our ‘Barbershop Talks’ provide a safe forum in which MOCI students can ask the necessary questions that will lead to a much better them through shared experiences and local experts.

MOCI Rites of Passage

What better way to end the academic school year than to celebrate all of your successes? The Rites of Passage ceremony is a symbolic transition into enlightened manhood practiced by many cultures in some form or fashion. This is an opportunity to reflect and gather the best of what their past has taught them in order to achieve their full potential as they move forward to begin a new chapter in life.  The ceremony honors not only the graduates, but also those that helped them to get where they are today.  This includes families, mentors, faculty, staff, fellow students, and friends.